Planetary CyberGames
We seek a new world
as one people,
more expanded,
more feeling,
more full of life 
We hunger for the spiritual courage to live more deeply
in the mystery and be glad for it

We care to become more intimate friends with all of nature
with all sentient beings and with all peoples

We choose to be healed by love for ourselves
for each other,  for life itself

We exalt in the presence of all who have gone before and
feel them in our dreams in our cultures and in our bones

We tremble in the deep knowing that we are pure potential
that our burdens are our teachers and that
heaven could happen here on earth

We persevere to imagine that we can not only treat others
as we would have them treat us but to go further to stage
their genius and the genius we feel in all creation

These things we vision and affirm for our new planetary
civilization to emerge whole and full of life

Let the great planetary cybergames begin!

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