Building a new culture as a system

The attached FIRST EARTH BATTALION field manual is a physical representation of a mythical culture. Its purpose is to familiarize people with an entirely new set of values and visions all set within a context of community. They can imagine the whole system. They can test the assumptions. They can see relationships. They can understand the work. They can find a place for themselves.

This tool was used in the United States Army during the early eighties. It allowed an entire generation of the army's best minds to practice the future. Since that time the army has embarked on a radically new mix of peace-keeping missions. They are leaders in the environmental movement. They have built an incredibly agile educational system using simulations of the future not worn out models of yesterday. If this information seems strange to you it is because you are relying on media that has not bothered to get smart enough about these things to report on the situation.

What is important here is that you engage in a whole-systems approach to the new civilization you want to create. It is easy to see what doesn't work. It is even easier to whine about what you expect others to do. What we need is for you to is to assemble the new world as a system in combinations that work. Bring your ideas into scenarios that allow you and others to see the whole community as a dynamic entity. This is social architecture.

Notice that the content in this field manual has pictures and words reinforcing each other. Feel the culture as it is revealed as a working entity. Consider your thinking taking shape in the form of such a proto-culture.

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  Field Manual

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