Every since we saw the earth from the moon in a photo called earthrise, the people of planet earth have come to identify more and with their planet. The index number now given for this identity is at 80.6. Roughly translated that means people equally value their identity with the earth as they do with their town, country, or other affiliations.

The road has been a steady climb from the first moments of the Olympic games that were held in Greece and established the world focus on athletics. And with the recent explosion in personal communications devices and ubiquitous international travel the index has raced forward at lightning speed.

In this article I will examine some of the key influences on this new perception of unity. I am sure there are dozens more not accounted for here, but this will give you confidence that what I am saying is valid. The unspoken piece is what I would call word of mouth. It would be great to know how many times the concept of earth as our home is referred to by some name in the conversations of all who live here. Only the most remote tribal entities might not find that true.

The degree to which people believe the planet is more important to them than their affiliation with their respective nation state must be something close to a draw by now with the directionheaded to the more global affiliation at a measurable rate.

Lets begin with some of the more than a dozen complete examples of the connectivity that has been responsible for this shift. It began with books, newspapers, and radio. They all formed a news, weather, and sports outlook which initially left out life style. But, as the advertising became important, more and more things became common features of the global public.

Then the transportation systems beginning with boats, followed by land vehicles , and eventually aircraft radically reduced the time, distance and accessibility of most locations on the planet. Then television came and most people began consuming 4-6 hours a day of programming that introduced global news in the late eighties and early nineties.

Then from there almost all the most popular sports had the equivalent of a planetary championship. World wars made the word "world" more popular. Businesses began having international headquarters and global centers. The United Nations was born as were hundreds of other centers representing communities of interest.

Meanwhile advertising and photography began to attach certain more clothing conventions to travel and then movies picked up on that further and global fashion was born. The radio then took a huge leap when it was miniaturized and people could carry them around in their pockets. Soon the announcements of popular global personalities became common global talk.

Some of the fastest spreading news had to do with the shocking deaths of planetary icons like John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana. Here we see the unspoken but very potent beginning of global events trumping local events.

Then magazines and color printing brought in the food and lifestyle items that soon became global fads. Hairstyles even became a global trends. Then the big box boutique stores globalized handbags and jewelry and there was a planetary jet set.

The rocks stars and huge concerts made new generations feel the contact with the more rambunctious elements of youth. Then the planet got its generations named x, y, and more. Countries didn’t matter.

The adventures in space began with a man on the moon approach but soon the camera’s began doing the real work and we slipped past mars and the solar system now made the planet look like it was part of something yet bigger. Now the two explorers are at the edge of the galaxy!!!!

We don’t seem to have world wars anymore. We have planetary hotspots and rogue nations and armies teaming up to do difficult police jobs. Nuclear extermination is not a real option. But we now look, as a planet, at the troubled areas and while some nations seem to be doing more of the clean up albeit often for resources it’s a global matter.

More than anything, feature films are creating stories without national associations being automatic. As we travel where no man has traveled before the characters are generic not national. Some work for the federation of stars.

At the apex of this integration is the world wide web. Global conversations go on in serialized ways with people from every nation where there’s a laptop for connecting, blogging or having extended conversations and even teaming up for common projects. Communities of interest are being bundled by software that links all players in seconds. Virtual worlds host self-created 3D walking and flying zones where you can be an international player as quickly as one who speaks your own national tongue. Corporations have hundreds of global reps come to a meeting with incurring flights, rent-a-cars, hotel or foods bills.

Skype the first really popular picture phone can actually create more intimacy in a way than meeting for dinner. Meetings occur beyond time and space for thousands of organization using conferencing software. People talk and soon will have the Dick Tracey like wrist phone while seeing their phone partner direct.

We had a financial crisis and saw instantly that the world was now one financial being. Countries began bailing out other countries as the whole ship was now more important than the most potent player.

It’s a small small world ….. as Disney said. But … we are … a world now … more than any other affiliation we are a world. We are a planetary civilization with common mores, protocols, costumes, telephones, internet friends and rock and roll in our pockets. The days of nations are over and will slide quietly into the bedrock while interpenetrating geographic communities of interest begin a planetary democracy that won’t stop unless the sun goes off!

There is no need to replace our obsolete governments that have done their work and we have grown past them. It’s a grand day for humanity!

The next thing to notice is that our identity may unify itself at even a grander level. There’s talk that we all have lived together before on major destinations in the galaxy and we’re just here for schooling. Our eternal souls have just walked into the bodies we have here and now. Is the curtain rising on another and even grander level of association? Damn time flys!

Go Planet!

want to print this my guest.