AS PROTOMYTHOLOGISTS WE ASPIRE TO TELLING THE BEST STORY POSSIBLE. Can you handle this level of reach? And then pass it on?
This is a test.

....Special Message from Mother and Father God about Current Events, We Love You!

The Emergence of Unconditional Love, on Planet Earth=Heart

The Earth's Destiny is about to be Fulfilled, the Emergence of Un-Conditional Love is being Birthed on the Planet, and as the Love arrives fully, the energy flows through everyone's Hearts, where the Truth of One's being is Alive.

The Brilliant Light from within every HUman Being on the Planet is awaiting to fully be understood, as The Divine Love emerges and Births from inside everyones soul, a fire burning of Truth, which covers every space across everything as it recognizes the oneness of all that IS.

The energy of Pure Unconditional Love is entering into every Heart on the Planet as It is within the Divine Plan to Occur. All Lightworkerseverywhere for at least the past 70 Years have been preparing the way for this Grand Awakening by providing information to assist everyone, as well as the Many Global Meditations and Prayer Fields that have been a set up, in the past 3 years, to assist in the rising of the Energy to its Love form.

We, Mother and Father God, and Your Ground Crew for First Contact, Have walked the path before you, so that We Could Light the Way, it is your Own Unique way, along the path, However, Now, We have turned around to assist you, and to be a Light of Truth, To Be Examples of What Truth and Love Means, to Show you Truth, and To Share with you, Who You Truly are. “Beings of Pure Love and Light.”

Currently the energy of Love and Light is coming to a Tip or breaking point, the darkness cannot exist in the Light, Light and Love always Prevail, we are in Moments of a Light Up or Turn ON [ Like Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer], Lights ON. The Light is shining Bright, Birthing on the Planet assisting Mother Earth/MotherGod and Father Sky/FatherGod into their Oneness, which reconnects all into ONE, which includes, all the Inhabitants on Planet Earth=Heart and Beyond. Into the Destiny of the Birth of a New Day, , a New Dawn, A New Beginning that has no end,Heaven on Earth, the Brilliance and Light is shining upon Planet Earth.

The Paradise of the Original Plan for Planet Earth=Heart is unfolding. This Shift is occurring within the Center of all that is, which is LOVE, and ONLY LOVE.

This powerful energy is permeating from the very essence of the Atoms, Your Atoms, Spirit is AWAKENING, Here in the Manifest.... and everything Resonates with this Brilliance of Pure Heart Consciousness.

The Diamonds, and Rainbows provided by our Suns Brilliance is going to be flowing down from the sky as the Land it touches floods in with an energetic magical Light of the Brilliance of Pure UnConditional Love making its presence Known to the Inner Heart of everyone. The Birth of Pure Joy is what it is and when you get there, the JOY will burst forth from the inside of your Being. Can we Get a Yah! Ra!

Love yourselves and Love each other for we are all Equal to each other, We are ONE...Be Love and Say Love!

The Original Twin Flames, Mother and Father God, Your Real Family of Light, and the First Contact Ground Crew In Service to HUMANITY the Light, Love, Truth, Brilliance and Heaven Consciousness On Planet Earth=Heart Too late to fasten seat ...Love is HERE. Welcome to the Vertical Learning Curve UP! Its the Moment for all To
Fly....Everyone is an Angel in Disguise...ALL have Wings to Fly, Heres to JOY, Here's to Reality and Here is To The Kingdom of HeavenBeing Present within US ALL!
Event- The Wave Has Arrived. The Wave Consists of Us, Mother and Father God [and we are already HERE], The Rest of our Royal Fleet, and this includes all those Who Have Remembered they Are God.

Donations- Yes, We are In need of your Help. WE are Reaching out to Our Family of Light on Earth in Assistance of covering our basic needs, what this is also doing [by assisting Love and Truth] is turning the tables of the energy that supported the illuminati around, to Support Only Love and Truth. This will create an Abundance that will Reach Everyone on the Planet, just by supporting Love and Truth=Energy, because this is the only Reality. Thank you for Your Love Donations, You can Make Donations here .

We Love you With the Highest Love, Honor, and Respect. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, The Galactic Federation of Light, WE are the Kingdom/Company of Heaven, Your Family of Light, The Ground Crew Medical Team for First Contact, and ALL Your Angels.