SOCIAL INVENTIONS my ten favorite tools for our new earth thats coming soon

My ten favorite social inventions:

1. The webocracy: The finest example of a self-organizing and non-partisan strategy so that every one can be in the know and have a say and so organizing the democratic world they value around them as they wish.
2. The bioregional natural guard: Former remnants of national governments (who are too obsolete to repair) combined with selected military units (converted to support the repair of the biosphere in homogeneous natural regions) are the next infrastructure of choice.
3. The great taxonomy of LOVE: We need a much expanded knowledge of how to create the many forms of love that are now possible to combat the outrageous wideband spreading of fear and isolation that has stopped us in our tracks.
4. The best story wins: A beleaguered world cannot afford to continue to listen to the stories of the status woe. We become the story we believe. Write the best story of your world everyday and advance on heaven.
5. The world is qualified to become paradise: Our world is so obviously qualified to be paradise so why don’t we all just remove the obstacles to our national mindset and get on with that grand project together.
6. The world is already a unified social culture: We have been assimilating each others cultural norms for the last thirty years on this planet. We are way past our governments sluggish norms. Its time to announce our global unity as a way to enter the global age, establish bioregional affairs to repair our world and invent our exploration into the cosmos.
7. Accept your divinity: No one …but no one … is more divine than the next. Lets isolate those groups who believe they are slightly closer to GOD the Universe than others. Every single culture on this planet has a gift for the new earth world … pay attention to all cultures … the modern world is not our savior …look at what it has wrought.
8. Accepting different approaches: Be alive to the magic of our differences … accept the fire of your lover or friend with a wide open heart and stand in the power of uniting our differences in a passionate way. Then make a difference with your labor while singing together to bring the soul into your every day feelings.
9. The agro-forest with edible landscaping: Live on an eco-homestead with a large mix of loving friends and watch the farm raise up vertically with seven layers of bounty around you, mix it with floral and scented bushes and trees, and spend the day harvesting the bounty, while pursuing creative and heart opening play.
10. Love yourself with all your heart and soul: Nourish yourself at every turn with good thoughts about yourself and your world. For this is what you bring to others. This will bring you into your family of choice. If you isolate yourself in just a couple you may soon wear each other out and then suffer the most common problem we have in life …loneliness!